How To Paint Brick

How To Paint Brick

Painting brick homes is a big trend nowadays for one main reason- it looks fantastic! Although, some people say that painting the brick can cause structural damage, we’ve never experienced that with our clients or even with our own properties.

There are several different products out there for brick painting. Mineral paints are arguably the best products, they are highly resistant to chipping and peeling and they allow the brick to breath, letting moisture in and out freely.

Romabio Masonry Flat paint is an excellent option and they offer a 20 year warranty if applied correctly. I recommend checking out their website for application instructions. Another great option is Loxon XP by Sherwin Williams. This product is a two coat system that is a primer and finish coat all in one. It will last 8-10 years before re-coating is necessary. These are the top products however, there are many out there. Be sure to read the manufactures data sheets for instructions before application.

For painting brick, first pressure wash the surface. For some paints it is recommended to let the surface dry after washing before applying the paint. (This would be true for Loxon XP.) Next, spray on a heavy first coat. Spray small sections at a time and use a thick nap roller to back roll the paint, this will help push the paint into the pores of the brick. After the first coat has dried, spray the second coat onto the brick without back rolling it. If applied product correctly, two coats should provide adequate coverage.

The Romabio Masonry Flat paint is a bit different when it comes to application. The manufacturer recommends that the brick is dampened with water before applying the paint. The paint needs to be diluted by 20-30% with water before application. For this product, spray the first coat, let it dry, followed by spraying and back rolling the second coat.

Painting brick is a great way to freshen up your home’s exterior and will be a long lasting finish when done correctly.

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