How to Keep Your Walls Scuff Free

Davis Custom Finishes House Painting

Did you know that upgrading your wall paint is a cost effective solution to help your home look beautiful for years to come? Most home builders use a very cheap, flat paint for all the walls and ceilings. While a flat paint may help hide imperfections in your walls, they don’t clean well and within a couple of years they will be covered in smudges and scuffs.

You get what you pay for when it comes to most things in life and that is definitely true with paint. With the cost of materials being only a small fraction of the total cost of getting your home painted, you should use the best quality available that will help preserve it for years to come.

There are countless types of interior paints and paint finishes out there to choose from. Our favorite finish for walls is a matte finish. It is one step above flat but not quite as shiny as satin. It is a soft enough shine that wall imperfections won’t show and it is easier to clean than a flat paint.

Our go-to wall paint brands are Benjamin Moore AuraScuff-X and Regal Select. If these aren’t available, Sherwin-Williams Emerald and Duration are second best. Benjamin Moore Aura is arguably the best wall paint made in the United States. It is designed with ColorLock technology that microscopically bonds the color pigments into the dry paint film. This ensures that you are able to clean the painted surface without removing the color from the paint. My second choice, Scuff-X, is slightly more affordable and is a very nice option. Scuff-X is a very hard drying paint that is designed to resist scuff marks and is easily cleaned.

The bottom line is, know your paint product and what you are getting yourself into.

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